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If you or someone you know is considering weight loss surgery you will enjoy this video.
Bariatric or Weight Loss Surgery Regain: Counseling to Challenge the Regain Boomerang

My Self Design

This powerful video explores the trials and real life tribulations of 6 Philadelphia weight loss surgery patients who struggled to maintain their surgical weight losses.

Sadly, 75 % of patients will eventually regain a significant portion of their original weight loss.

For some patients there are physical or medical obstacles to long term success but for most patients regain can be dramatically reduced with aftercare that routinely incorporates the individual counseling needed to achieve long-term success. Bariatric surgery produces dramatic weight reduction, but it does not address the underlying psychological and behavioral causes of obesity.

 In 1999, Carol Signore, Academy for Eating Disorders Fellow, and bariatric surgery veteran, developed My Self Design to fill this void.  For more information on her full length video and live presentation visit