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My name is Carol Signore and I moved to Green Valley from Philadelphia in 2009.  I have been an educator, life coach, and a helping professional for many years.    I am dedicated to helping people maximize their full potential and reach important goals. Whenever possible I try to prioritize moving forward over examining the past. Years of experience in consultation with individuals, couples, and families of all types encourages me to be optimistic about people and life. 


I do not accept insurance or third party payment but I try to keep my fee reasonably competitive with local co-pays.  Clients describe their working experiences with me as rewarding, practical, warm and fun. It would be a genuine pleasure to meet you and to know you and share your journey whatever your goal.

Professional Affiliations

My longest professional affiliation was with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy as a licensed MFT in private practice in Pennsylvania from 1989 through 2009.  I completed a Master of Science in Psychology at Chestnut Hill College and a 2 yr post Master's program at the University of Pennsylvania's Marriage Council, the oldest and most respected couple's therapy training program in the country. 

In 1996, in addition to my private practice, I became Director of Guidance at an all male Philadelphia high school, Holy Ghost Prep, until 2009.  In 1994, I developed a unique, 2yr aftercare program for people undergoing Bariatric surgery.  During that time I was active in the American Society For Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and worked with hundreds of clients in post op recovery from Bariatric surgery in the Philadelphia area.  I also trained treatment professionals working with this newly emerging population.  My aftercare program, My Self Design, remains a strong and effective treatment model for durable recovery from morbid obesity to this day and it continues to be an area of special interest for me.

Bariatric Surgery