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What's It Like?

"Working with Carol has been a huge help for me.  After my husband's death, I was depressed and really lost.  It was hard to even talk about but Carol was easy to talk to so I did and I cried and it took time but mostly I felt better after talking and slowly Carol helped me overcome being stuck and scared.  I feel like  I've found a new sense of purpose and I'm becoming active in my GV community.  John is still with me every day but I am managing on my own and I am actually excited about my life for the first time in ages.  Carol's support has been crucial to me. I don't know if I could have done it alone. " B.N.

" We realized our marriage was a wreck about 6 weeks after we retired.   We were more like roommates than spouses.  He (my husband) seemed totally uninterested in me and was escaping almost every day by playing golf.  I was bored and very angry.  After a couple months I hated everything in Green Valley except the weather. I found myself weepy and withdrawn and spent most of my time alone, missing all my friends and family from back home.   We had to find some help and thankfully, we did.  We found Carol online, on Psychology Today.  She helped us identify our major problems and make specific plans (together) to improve.  Things aren't perfect but we've come a long way and we are very grateful to Carol for the essential role she played.  We even plan to return yearly for a check up session.  We've relearned how important our marriage is to us,  renewed our commitment to each other,  and vowed to keep our relationship in much better shape from now on!"  CM & RM


Green Valley, Arizona
Tel: 215-870-0693


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