Families, Couples and Individuals

  Welcome to My Self Design.



Here in the foothills of the beautiful Santa Rita Mountains is a peaceful spot where you are welcome to reflect on your life and consider making changes you might want or need to make without judgment or criticism.  


Twenty five years experience as a Marriage and Family therapist and a personal Life Coach has  gifted me with skill in helping people make critical changes, reach important goals and maximize their potential.


I don't tell clients what they should do and I'm not likely to remain silent either.  I will be actively engaged with you in your struggles 

and I will try to provide honest feedback when it might be helpful.  Just as the name implies,

however, the work we do at My Self Design will be, first and foremost, a product of your needs and your creative problem solving.  Whether you come alone or with your partner the power to effect change will be in your own hands.


If you have an important goal you’d like to reach or a change you need to make but you’re having a tough time doing it, let’s talk. 

                          I’d like to help.  

                                    Carol Signore